LiYana here, Relationship Expert & Master Coach“… a model for the divine feminine in the real world…”

As CEO, Treasurer, Secretary & Janitor of the Official Inner Feminine Badass Fan Club, it’s my honor and delight to fling the doors wide open!


this bootcamp?


: : it’s the GATEWAY DRUG for the woman embarking on her HEROINE’S JOURNEY.
: : it’s a big-hearted, no-bullshit, five-week course for the woman about to sprout her Feminine Power wings.


you’re going to be guided, seduced & goosed to:


  • get radically comfortable with your body & sexual power (as in: stop hiding & feeling ashamed of who you are)

  • say what you want and need in a way that’s COMPELLING rather than REPELLING (or, if you prefer: master expressing your needs, meeting your own needs & empowering others to meet them, happily)
  • rock your decision-making (know what to do, when & why)
  • get your hormones HELPING rather than HURTING you

  • make peace with your feelings (somewhere between wallowing in or denying your emotions, therein lies deep wisdom. time for you to mine it)
  • turn DOWN the volume on the brutal, self-loathing voices in your head (switching ‘em off completely is also available for free upgrade)
  • turn UP the volume on all five senses (& your sixth, too)
  • alchemize envy & jealousy into personal power (remake “i want what she’s having!” into “i’m having what she’s having!”)
  • become an excellent receiver (o superwoman, chronic over-giver, the universe is conspiring to shower you with what you deeply desire; how can you collect if you’re not able to receive?)
  • tap into your very own (infinitely renewable) power source (get rocket fuel for your desires & still have left over energy for what’s next)
  • taste your greatness & stretch into more
  • know yourself to be beautiful and brilliant, tip to toe, soul to sole, 90% of the time (& what to do the other 10% of the time when Life’s a Bitch & bitch-slaps you upside your head)


the Oracle Virtual Salon


pull up a virtual chaise, virtual mint tea (or mint julep) in hand & get cozy with three of MY mentors, the women who I look to, to keep my Inner Feminine Badass sharp – and soft.

(hint: the Queen of Pleasure, the Universal Mother & the Personal Chef to the Divine Feminine)

More about the guest stars



how we jam:

  • five 75-minute (or so) training classes
  • Virtual Oracle Salon bonus recording
  • worksheets, practices & exercises, oh my!
  • email reminders to guide you (a.k.a. light a fire under your ass!)
    through the five classes
  • badass forum (private + optional) for your queries, stumbles &
  • all classes recorded & materials easily down-loadable



  • She’s in you. not in some ashram, nail salon, mountaintop or book. where else would She be?
  • who else will FIND and KNOW Her but You?
  • allow me to point the way.


  • could be your “Feminine Power” is like an alien you’ve never interacted with before
  • femininity never looks the same, moment to moment or woman to woman
  • what does the Face of the Goddess look like? consult your Oracle. consult the mirror.
  • the Divine Feminine is looking to have a profoundly human experience through you. will you let Her through?


  • fire-breathing, sword-slinging, Harley-riding temptress? yes.
  • tree-hugging, poetry-whispering, pants-dropping goddess? yes.
  • fierce, feisty and bold? yes, yes.
  • tender, aching and soft? oh, yes.
  • yes, yes, yes: badasses all.


  • basic training
  • a generous serving of pleasure with a dollop of rigor on top
  • chillax your way to strutting your badass self


: : SHE needs You:

she’s one part your personal Oprah & two parts your very own Oracle.
she’s the power source that fuels your longings & propels then into being.

: : You need HER:

how else is the Divine Feminine going to spread her wings, live large & love large, but through YOU?

: : SHE is always in You, You know?
even if you’ve been playing hide & seek lately. 
: : nothing and no one’s going to save you. but you can save yourself.
: : your Inner Feminine Badass to the rescue!


look, the last thing you need is for someone to tell you how to BE, how or who to LOVE, or what to DO.to woman: ‘tis a verb. how do YOU do it?

: : the greatest power source I know of is You + Your Inner Feminine Badass, jamming.
: : she’ll open your heart, knock your knickers off & bring the house down.


let’s GO.
let’s DO THIS.



“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

from HER Inner Feminine Badass to YOURS

I fell in love with a brilliant, generous and sexy man who treats me like I’m the only woman in the world. Every night is ‘date night’ and every weekend is a holiday. He dotes on me and respects me and hangs on my every desire… and the adoration is completely mutual. It’s so easy, I sometimes have to pinch myself!I know that my connection to and trust in ME is my anchor and the thing that makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me discover. LiYana is my love guru, and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner.”

Nisha Moodley


LiYana is a radiant feminine powerhouse who will knock you outa your complacent socks with a feather-light touch. She will renew your confidence in your own brilliant self and in Love itself.”

Regena Thomashauer, Queen of Pleasure a.k.a. Mama Gena
Author, Founder and Teacher of the Womanly Arts Mastery Program
New York City

“I had hidden away a huge part of myself – call it creative life-force, sensuality or inner guidance. I thank LiYana for being a huge part of helping me thaw. I always knew I had this kind of power, but it would come and go, and now I have complete access to it, and can reconnect easily when I fall off my feminine juju wagon. I channel it into my business that grows doubles and triples in size each year. I have access to guidance that blows me away every time I hear it and follow it. I feel comfortable in my skin, celebrating who I am rather than trying to modify it.

Carey Peters, CEO, HolisticMBA.com
Los Angeles

“My credit card company called me the other day to ask if LiYana’s charge was valid, so I got the opportunity to ask my self, ‘was this is the best money I spent all month?’ And my answer is – definitely yes!

Kim Iglinsky, Fashion Model
San Francisco

“Over the last ten years, I’ve witnessed LiYana’s relationship move from seriously rocky to seriously rock solid. I’ve noted the artful care, attention, creativity, and pleasure she’s poured into it to craft it into an inspiration to those around her, including myself.

I repeatedly send clients and friends to LiYana because she walks her talk and her stuff *works*. I love her ability to break down the concept of ‘Feminine Power’ into bite-size, teachable, digestible components dissolve all sense of trepidation, no matter how vast or distant the dream of true love and self love is. With LiYana, you can feel confident that step-by-step, you can have it all.”

Jena la Flamme, Leader of the Pleasurable Weight Loss Movement
New York City

“My entire life has begun to open up. I bought my first house. I became very engaged and present. I entered into the most loving, sincere, and gratifying relationship that I have ever had, and then chose out of that relationship when my intuition (or Inner Feminine Badass!) told me that it was not the right place for me any more (I trusted myself!!!!!). I am learning to make decisions unapologetically, and to choose my own happiness and integrity. I am learning to take care of myself, and to take responsibility for my own dreams and desires.

I’ve decided to go back to graduate school, and I’ve also decided to have a baby on my own, if the opportunity to do so with a partner does not present itself in the next few years. Never before would I have the courage, the finances, the belief and trust in myself, to dream, plan, and actually execute these plans. I have power now. That power started to grow and ignite a while ago when I decided to change my life for the better, but without LiYana’s, help, I’m not sure I could have kept that decision alive.”

Kacey L. Kingry, Yoga Instructor
Denver, Colorado

Quite simply, LiYana’s a freaking rock star. She comes from such a real, authentic and open place, and I feel like she really knows what she’s talking about and is living it fully!”Anastasia Netri, Entrepreneurial Goddess Coaching
San Francisco Bay Area

I’m lit up. A lot of things make sense, they are solid again… The best way I can describe it is that something died and I finally reached some kind of endpoint that I never knew existed. Except that it wasn’t just an end… it was more of a beginning.

I really, really want to thank you because I KNOW it couldn’t have happened if I hadn’t contacted you. And I still don’t remember exactly how I found you…but I sure am lucky! Because from the bottom of my heart and all that I am, thank you. Not for helping me find the love of my life, but for helping me find myself…and finding that the love of life was always there.” Lindsay Nance, Yoga Student

“When I started coaching with LiYana, my marriage had just failed, my family was telling me I was crazy, my therapist was advising major pharmaceutical anti-depressants and institutionalization as the only way and my femininity seemed like an alien I had never interacted with before.Now I’m dating men who previously I would have assumed wouldn’t even notice me. I’m healthy. I’m warming up to the fact that I’m worthy of love.

Now that women are creating lives and businesses we love, I stand in our need for tools for beholding our own magnificence.

Emily Tepper, Artist & Ritual Choreographer
New York City

“I have keen sensors for what’s the real deal and what’s pretend and I knew from word one that LiYana is about Real, True Love. Raw, reverent, refined. Sexy, silly, soulful.She is a living and breathing, irreverently reverent avatar of the Divine Feminine – or Inner Feminine Badass. I’d garner her only wish is goose everywoman into discovering her own BadAssNess and slipping into it like a perfectly fitting glove.

To learn from LiYana is auspicious and delicious. Like lead to gold, what you know of Love will be forever alchemically altered.”

Sera Beak, Author, Spiritual Cowgirl and Redvolutionary
San Francisco

“I have skipped being a sensuous woman, and now I am dealing with aging before I was ready to. This hurts excruciatingly. But I cannot hide anymore; I see now how much I lose from doing so. I want to create a beautiful woman inside and out, with self-confidence and a career that takes me places and provides substantially for my family. I am ready to do this now like never before.Every day, seemingly sometimes every hour, sometimes ever moment, I ask myself my Badass Antidote Question, what a confident, talented Brynn would be doing and thinking right now, especially with writing my memoir. There is so much babble that goes on like, ‘you are no where near good enough for this, or it is just not possible to get around all your gaps in talent and experience.’ I put my chest out and say, ‘Perhaps, but I am going to do it anyway. I could not live with myself otherwise.’

What a lovely gift you are giving women – tools to fly and reach the heavens by realizing the radiant beauty that they already have. The pot just needs a little stirrin’ up.”

You have made an impact on me like no other. I am forever grateful.”

Brynn Reynolds, Ranch Hand

“I realized that as forward thinking as I am I didn’t have a name for or even feel comfortable talking about ‘down there.’ In the last few years my creative force has waned and I feel uninspired. Listening to you has reminded me that I have lost touch with Her. I’ve been saying celebratory things to myself and it is proving to bring more niceties from everywhere. I am not only feeling better, I notice that I am being noticed more. I’m getting winks and nods!!! Feeling sexier, juicier and more alive!! I am loving it! I laughed and cried all through the course. I love all the reminders. I love reawakening. Thank you, thank you.”

Ruby Pearl, Artist
San Francisco